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Mike Martin

1611-180 Lees Avenue

Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5J6

(613) 290-5836 fax (613) 565-9229


About Mike Martin

I have a wide range of experience in a number of areas including Workplace interventions/Conflict Management, Communications/Campaigns, Writing/Research, Strategic Planning/Teambuilding, and Human Resources. I have been a senior policy adviser and manager with the Public Service Alliance of Canada, and am currently a self-employed workplace wellness consultant and freelance writer. I am currently seeking work or projects that match my experience and expertise.

My goal is to work with individuals, clients and organizations that are working to improve the workplace and society and are interested in increasing equality and social justice. I would like to use my experience to make a contribution to helping identify and resolve current problems and build capacity for the future. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my experience with should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Areas of Expertise


Workplace Interventions/Conflict Management

With my colleagues at Springwinds Training and on my own I have worked with unions and management to build better working relationships and improve the workplace. I have also helped to identify and resolve conflict and mediated disputes between individuals and within organizations. Clients have included federal government departments and agencies and national and local unions.


I have direct experience in developing and implementing national campaigns and communications plans within the Public Service Alliance of Canada. Other projects have included developing a campaign on Home Care for the Canadian Cancer Society and providing communication support to a number of national organizations including the National Anti-Poverty Organization and the National Organization of Immigrant and Visible Minority Women of Canada.



I am an excellent writer and researcher. My articles have appeared in magazines and newspapers across the country and I am a regular contributor to Workplace Today, the leading Canadian journal on work and the workplace. I have been an editor, associate publisher, speechwriter, and coordinator of a large communications section. I have written for internal and external publications for a number of organizations including the Canadian Teachers Federation, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and Independent Living Canada. I also have experience in drafting and editing media releases and background documents, and preparing briefs and presentations to parliamentary committees and international delegations.

Strategic Planning/ Teambuilding

I have worked with a number of unions, government departments and not for profit organizations to design and implement strategic plans and to build stronger teamwork within their organizations. This has included Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Association of Canadian Financial Officers and several Components of the Public Service Alliance of Canada.



Springwinds Training has provided a full range of training services in communications, human resources and capacity building for dozens of not for profit organizations and unions. In addition I have worked with Human Resource and Skills Development Canada to prepare an orientation manual for managers on the role of unions and collective bargaining and I have helped the Canada Employment and Immigration Union to revise and update their internal union training program.


Human Resources

I have over 30 years experience in labour relations and have a good working knowledge of all aspects of human resources including training, staffing and recruitment, and classification. I have worked with the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees to prepare job descriptions and classify positions and assisted the Newspaper Guild, Canada in a work review and office reorganization. I have also provided staffing and recruitment services to a number of organizations and helped the Merrickville Daycare Centre to implement a pay equity plan. I have also provided administrative and managerial support to a number of not for profit organizations including the National Anti-Poverty Organization and Independent Living Canada.

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