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March 1, 2011 / mike54martin

If I Had Six Billion Dollars w/Poll

Well I’d certainly be rich. But if you had six billion dollars to spare like Jim Flaherty apparently does then how would you spend it? That’s the amount that the latest round of corporate tax cuts are expected to cost, and Jim Flaherty doesn’t actually have that money. First of all it’s our money, taxpayer dollars going to the banks and big corporations, money that we have to borrow to pay to them. But let’s not get too political about it.

Imagine, six billion dollars. I tried to imagine one billion dollars but I can barely count the stars at night so here’s one way to do it. In his book “Innumeracy” John Allen Paulos says that if you count to one million it would take you twelve days. If you were to count to one billion it would take almost thirty-two years. Now multiple by 6. Don’t try this at home!!

Suffice it to say it’s a whole lotta moolah or Kraft Dinner. So if you were Finance Minister for a day, let’s say March 22, the rumoured date of the Federal Budget how would you utilize this newly found wealth. I am going to ask you, despite your strong inclination to do so, to ignore your venal and carnal desires and focus on the common good. Focus, people!!

You could of course cancel the corporate tax cuts and save us the trouble of having to borrow the money and then pay it back. But that would ruin the whole point of the survey below. So if you want to spoil all the fun, cancel the $6 billion you miserly miser.

If however you would like a shot at being Jim Flaherty (taller, better looking and certainly less conservative) think about the other possibilities. I’ve listed a few suggestions that you can vote for or you can make your own suggestion.

I will report back to soon on the results of this scientific survey. Thanks for participating.

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