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April 19, 2011 / mike54martin

More Interesting Races

Democratic Space, another Election Prediction website has some interesting races noted in their latest report as of April 19. Most of their stuff confirms previous reports but also some surprises, especially inQuebec. From an NDP perspective they include:



MP Malcolm Allen has a slight lead to regain his seat over the Conservative challenger.

Trinity Spadina

MP Olivia Chow is moving a little further ahead of the Liberal.


L’Estrie and Montérégie Regions

NDP candidates are in second place in almost every riding in these regions but still pretty far behind the Bloc. They make not make it this time but may bear fruit in the future.

Outaouais Region

They have Gatineau going NDP, Hull-Aylmer tightening up and the NDP with a solid hold on second place in Pontiac where there are some indications that Lawrence Cannon may be in trouble.

Montreal/ Laval Region

The NDP is in second place in ridings all over this region with Jeanne-Le Ber looking really good and in Westmount-Ville Marie the NDP candidate is polling over 30%, just 10 points back in that long-time Liberal bastion.

British Columbia

Vancouver Island North

The NDP candidate Ronna-Rae Leonard, is nipping at the heels of the Conservative John Duncan. This would be a real coup if she could pull it off.

Vancouver Region

They show the NDP pulling ahead in Burnaby-Douglas and Vancouver- Kingsway.


No big surprises here and it looks like the NDP hanging on to Edmonton-Strathcona, and Elmwood-Transcona. But inSaskatchewan, Nettie Wiebe, former head of the National Farmers Union is polling over 40% in a close race with the Conservative in Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar.


Nova Scotia

They show Gordon Earle just 2 points back of the Conservative in South Shore-St. Margaret’s in a tight three way race and Robert Chisholm just 3 points behind the Liberals in Dartmouth-Cole Harbour.


Their prediction has Ryan Cleary, the NDP challenger 3 points ahead in another close three way race.

It’s going to be an interesting last few days!!!!

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