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July 13, 2011 / mike54martin

And the Rich Get Richer has a story about the the rising income gap between the very richest of Canadians and the rest of us. Most of us knew this already but it’s kinda nice to have the Conference Board confirm this.

The sad truth is that this is happening not because those rich foks are smarter or working harder than the rest of us. THey are benefitting from reduced income taxes and the generosity of a series of governments who have reduced their capital gains and corporate taxes.

There are things that can be done to turn this around but they will require a political will and a strong push from Canadians who want a fairer society. One of the ways to at least put on a bottom on this bottom is to look at some form of guaranteed annual income so that everyone has a chance to feed clothe and shelter their families. Even in a society built on greed that’s surely not too much to ask for.

Here is a link to my previous article on guaranteed annual income and below is the link to the article.

“The income gap between rich and poor in Canada widened in the period from 1993 to 2009, the Conference Board of Canada reported Wednesday.

The richest Canadians increased their share of total national income while the poor and those with middle incomes saw their portions shrink, according to the board’s analysis, entitled “How Canada Performs.”

Incomes of the poor increased marginally in the period, it said, but the gap between rich and poor widened.”

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