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February 2, 2012 / mike54martin

Pointless but Not completely Useless Lists

I’m not usually a big fan of lists, of any kinds. Especially lists prepared by anyone but the Guinness Book of Records people, and even some of those are pretty iffy. Like for example the most t-shirts worn at one time. Record: 121 held by David Alexander from the United States.

Most lists when it comes to jobs or careers are usually so innocuous that they are meaningless or so subjective that they’re useless. In reality they are usually drummed up because someone has to write a column to fill in between a block of advertising. I can them sandwich lists. Not much meat and very easy on the facts.

Having said all that I am not completely opposed to lists. I make one for Santa every year (And every year I am disappointed). But sometimes they can be fun and at the very least can get a rise out of people, or at least prove they aren’t really sleeping. They’re just thinking with their eyes closed.

So let’s take a look at one of these lists. The most stressful jobs in Canada, according to MSN. Their list includes: Pilots, Taxi Drivers, Firefighters, Corporate Executives, Political Aides, and Real Estate Agents. As usual it’s pretty easy to agree with the inclusion of these jobs on a most stressed list.

The debate comes about why some others did not make it. Why for example are Air Traffic Controllers not here? I know the pilot is important but aren’t most flights on auto-pilot now? And what about Police Officers? Are they not on the list because they have guns? And I might agree with Taxi Drivers being here but how much difficulties and stress do they cause for themselves and everyone else? Have you seen how these guys drive?

Two no-brainers are Political Aides (Even when they’re right, they’re wrong if their boss needs a scapegoat to take the fall) and Real Estate Agents. Have you seen how picky people are on those House Hunter International programs? Pleeeze!!

At the risk of peeving off my big wig corporate bosses who pay my bills, I question the legitimacy of putting Corporate Executives on this list. I would put their secretaries and assistants on the list in a flash, but what are these people stressed out about? Not enough cream cheese on their bagels that are delivered every morning? Too many people to fire this week. Sorry, boss I’ll stop there.

So what’s my point? The point of lists is to spark a discussion and take people’s minds off the really stressful things that are happening in the workplace. Did it work? Drop me a line and let me know.

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