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February 28, 2012 / mike54martin

Robocalls: I Want Justice

I am still trying to make sense out of what the heck is going on with the robocall scandal. Did people really do this inCanada? Forget about the legalities or illegalities of such an action, where is the morality? How could anyone who is involved in a political party at any level think this was a good thing to do?

I don’t know exactly what happened but it seems clear that there were some actions taken that were intended to influence the electoral process and that these actions certainly influenced some people and may have interfered with their legitimate right to vote. That is scary for a democracy. Where would they have even learned how to do this? This isn’t like sending six unordered pizzas to the opposition’s campaign office or some practical joke. This really is something that only somebody like “I am not a crook” Richard Nixon could come up with.

I have tons of questions but the biggest is one that someone else posed today that really struck me between the eyes. Why are we just finding out about this nine months after the election? It reminds me of the infamous “in and out” scandal that we didn’t hear about until years after another election. Some people, maybe lots of people knew about this long, long ago and nobody said a peep. Maybe they were hoping that they could sweep it under the rug. Again.

If the allegations reported are true I think that the responsible “party” should be punished. And not with fines or jail terms although I wouldn’t be sorry if that happened. The only solution that would be fair and just would be to have by-elections in any and all electoral ridings where they took place. Never mind a House of Commons committee or a Royal Commission or another Gomery-type Inquiry. We need new elections.

And not only that but in any riding where these actions took place and they can be traced back to a candidate or political party, that candidate and political party should be barred from participating in that election. Now that would be justice!!

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