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March 31, 2012 / mike54martin

Where Did All That Money Go?

One of the most interesting questions I have heard asked about budgets and government spending and that great Satan, “the deficit’, was ‘Where did all the money go?” It was a person on the street who was asked for their commentary about the latest federal budget and simply asked that question and followed up with ‘We once had money to pay for all these things before, like scientists who monitor the environment or the CBC’.

So where did that money go?

I don’t really know. I suspect that some of it got swallowed up in the war in Afghanistan and lots of it got given to corporations in the form of tax cuts. Some of it got lost in government revenue when the Tories reduced the GST and there are millions of it sprinkled all over Tony Clement’s riding in fake swimming pools and gazebos. But I don’t really know.

Do You? If you do please let me know at

For my part I am going to contact a number of really smart people, pointy-head economist types to see what they know and I’ll share it here and on Facebook.

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