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May 8, 2012 / mike54martin

Workplace Wellness Services

                                                    It’s Time to Focus on Workplace Wellness

Times are tough in the federal public service. They are especially tough on employees, supervisors and managers who are being asked to do more with less. Sometimes this causes tensions in the workplace that lead to conflicts. It can also lead to serious health problems like higher blood pressure and stress related ailments like heart problems, strokes or depression and anxiety. If you have some of these problems already or want to prevent them from happening in your workplace we can help.

For the last thirty years I have been working with other professionals to improve the workplace. This work has included building better workplace relationships, dealing with workplace conflict, and developing workplace wellness strategies. We have worked with managers and unions, with federal government departments and crown corporations.

Our Services

Together with a team of professionals that include former senior public service managers and union leaders, coaches and mentors, trainers and facilitators we offer specific services in a number of areas including:

 Building Better Workplace Relationships

This range of services focuses on improving labour management relations, increasing manager’s and supervisor’s capacity to communicate with employees, and training all staff to better respect and trust each other.

Managing and Reducing Conflict

In this area we focus on dealing with specific interpersonal or group conflicts, helping supervisors and managers deal with conflict as it arises, and training all staff to identify and resolve conflict early.

Workplace Assessment Services

We can help you and your team pinpoint areas of employee/supervisor concern, identify potential sources of conflict, and make recommendations for specific workplace wellness initiatives based on your needs.

About Mike Martin

I have a wide range of experience including workplace interventions and conflict management, strategic planning, teambuilding, and Human Resources. I have been a senior policy adviser and manager with the Public Service Alliance of Canada, a self-employed consultant and freelance writer, and a senior manager with several not for profit organizations. I am the former President of Springwinds Training Inc, a full service training company and the author of the book “Change the Things You Can: Dealing with Difficult People.”


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