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July 31, 2012 / mike54martin

On The Road Again

My partner and I and the dog are going on the road for most of August. No, we will not be tying the dog to the roof a la the Romney Family Vacation nightmare. She gets a nice comfortable seat in the back. But the flow of info from here should reduce considerably. Many of you will not be disappointed but restrain from outward expressions of joy. At least til we’re gone!!

The “trip” will take us through Montreal and Quebec City which is not much to speak of unless you actually get off the highway. But once we get near Quebec City the outlook brightens considerably. We get to roll along the nothern St. Lawrence up near the Gaspe and then dip down through Northern New Brunswick.

On the way to Fredericton we get off the super-hiway and take the scenic River Drive along the mighty St. John River and just before we get to our stop for the night we meet an old friend. Mr Giant Potato Head, emblematic of all things potatoish and good about New Brunswick and agriculture on the East Coast.

A night in the historic but renovated Lord Beaverbrook ( a Ramada now I think) and half a day in Fredericton before we beetle across Nova Scotia to meet our destiny and our ferry at North Sydney, a speck on the tip of Cape Breton Island.

At least that is the plan. I’ll give a mini-report on our progress from Fredericton.

Mike Martin is a freelance writer and the author of “The Walker on the Cape”, a mystery novel set in Grand Bank, NL. For more information please visit

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