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December 17, 2012 / mike54martin

Time to Compare: Your Perks @ Work


Okay folks it’s time to see how your workplace stacks up against these companies’ workplace amenities. Check off all that apply.

Complimentary massages, dry cleaning, haircuts, onsite medical care, and unlimited free meals. That would be at the Googleplex in Mountain View, California. Somehow the toasters choice free coffee doesn’t really cut it any more does it? Now if only you knew how to do computer programming or invent video games you would be all set.

Other examples include annual whitewater rafting trips at  E-bay, free day care and doggy care at Genetech, surfing during working hours when the surf is up at Quicksilver Software or being able to play ping pong at the Huffington Post when things a re a little slow. Don’t have any of these? Too bad. You just might be in the wrong career.

If you are thinking about changing jobs then look no further than, a car dealership support company. Their 360 employees, according to AOL have access to their own fitness center, subsidized organic food cafe that delivers food to your desk or is available for take-out, season pass discounts for snowboarding, chair massages, and indoor tennis court. And the company is soon adding a yoga studio with retractable roof, a solarium and rooftop vegetable garden, juice bar and two saunas.

The list of possible and available perks being provided by some companies is endless. It you want to be entertained then you can choose from custom shuffle board, pool table, foosball, ping pong, 9-hole par 3 golf course, basketball court, many pinball machines, and arcade games at one company. If you’re tired you can jump into the nap pod and if you’re really bored you can even bring your laundry and do it at work at another business.

So, what is up with all this free stuff? Part of it is clearly an attempt by employers to attract and retain certain groups of employees who are probably in demand across industries and even continents. But part of it is also to create a culture at work where employees are tangibly valued in addition to their monetary compensation. And for the companies noted above it makes sense for their bottom line and long term growth. I just my employers had felt the same way. I could have developed a wicked backhand in ping pong.

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Mike Martin is a freelance writer and the author of The Walker on the Cape, a Sgt. Windflower mystery.

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