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March 23, 2011 / mike54martin

This Budget Sucks

Sorry for my crude simplicity but any budget that allows $6 billion dollars in corporate tax cuts and gives $2 a day more to seniors who are going to food banks just plain sucks. There is nothing in this budget to help anybody but the Tories try to get re-elected. Oh yeah, there’s a new tax credit for children’s art classes but the millions of parents who watched their kids go to bed hungry tonite are never going to be able to claim that because they don’t have enough income.

There is nothing to help our struggling aboriginal communities except for $22 million to fix up a few of their leaking fuel tanks and maybe help a couple of them get clean drinking water. Think about it folks, they didn’t even give enough money to ensure that all aboriginal communities have clean water. This is 2011 not 1811. No wonder many aboriginal people wish we had never come here. They had a better life back before Canada.

Most of all what this budget does is entrench the wealth in this country in the hands of a very few already very rich Canadians. The gap between the ultra rich and the other 95% of us will continue to grow and those at the bottom of the heap are guaranteed to stay there. This is a status quo budget, unfortunately none but a select few have any status with the Harper Government.

This is also an iceberg budget. What you see on the surface is just posturing for Bay Street support for the up-coming election and pandering to the suburban and rural voters that the Tories would like to hang onto. Underneath are very real and serious cuts to public services, transfers to provinces, and a continuation of the undermining of any kind of equality in this country. We won’t see these cuts until after the election but the impact will be long and severe.

There was never a case of a budget that did so much for so few and so little for the many. This budget sucks.

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