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March 24, 2011 / mike54martin

So Why Are We Having This Election Anyway?

If you listen to Stephen Harper it is all about the other political parties and their evil desire to destroy our fragile recovery for partisan political gain. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease! Give me a break.

If we have another federal election, and it looks like we will be going to the polls in May then there is only one person to blame for that. Mr. Stephen Harper himself. For the last five years there has only been one party in power in Canada, the Conservatives. They have been running the show, turning on the Christmas lights on Parliament Hill and unveiling huge chunks of our money from coast to coast as evidence of first the New Government and now just the plain old Harper Government. They have been in power, not some dreamed up Coalition, not the Toronto “elites” and certainly not the bogeymen trio of unions, socialists and separatists.

Unfortunately for Emperor Harper (that’s what he will be called if he wins a majority) some of us remember what he promised Canadians five years ago. Improved transparency- nope, Increased accountability-nope, Scandal-free government-not so much and finally Fixed Term Elections. On November 6, 2006 the Parliament of Canada passed Bill C-16 that requires a general election to take place in the fourth calendar year after the previous poll. Now maybe Mr. Harper is confused and may he has forgotten but in May, 2006 he said that his government’s fixed-election-date legislation would prevent future governments from calling snap elections for “short-term advantage.” And further that “Fixed dates stop leaders from trying to manipulate the calendar”.

The reason that we are having a federal election this year, despite his comments and his grand legislation is that Stephen (would be Emperor) Harper has manipulated the calendar so that we will have one. He has done that because quite frankly he continues to refuse to accept that Canadians want a minority government and that we want him to make it work, for us, and not for his ego.

Since he has first been elected Mr. Harper has refused to cooperate with the other political parties, has ignored the will of Parliament, and developed and delivered a plan to neuter the Parliamentary Committee system. In other words he has been a bully. And he is mad because he still can’t get his own way. That’s why we’re having another election.

But if Mr. Harper (soon to be I hope, back at the National Citizens Coalition where bullying is encouraged) is in for another big disappointment if he thinks that Canadians will give him the power that he craves. Canadians want a government that listens to them, follows their general direction, and speaks on behalf of all Canadians and not just their own political views. That is our history and our tradition. Those like Mr. Harper who ignore history might just find that it bites them in the ass.

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