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April 18, 2011 / mike54martin

Gatineau, Hull-Aymer, Maybe Jeanne-Le Ber

Gatineau, Hull-Aylmer, maybe Jeanne Le Ber. Plus can Cheryl Gallant really be in trouble?

Good news to start the week. Canadians and Canucks won and the NDP is trending up in the polls.Gatineau is going orange. now has Françoise Boivin ahead by three points in the race to be the second NDP in the National Capital Region. Let’s hope she is joined by Nycole Turmel in Hull-Aylmer who is now projected to be just eight points behind. Go Nycole and let’s get out the vote.

Other good news is that Rebecca Blaikie is well ahead in Winnipeg North, Stanley Knowles’ old seat. It was won in a by-election by the Liberals but is now returning to its roots.

As the NDP surge continues the next NDP seat to watch is Jeanne-Le Ber where the Bloc is at 31, the Liberals at 26 and the NDP at 25. The NDP candidate is Tyrone Benskin who is the artistic director ofMontreal’s Black Theatre Workshop, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. BTW is the oldest Black theatre company inCanadawhich provides unique training and leadership programs for youth. He is currently in his second term as National Vice-president of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA).

And this latest piece of good news is that loose cannon Cheryl Gallant’s solid blue riding of Renfrew-Nippising-Pembroke has now been placed in the Too Close To Call column by the Election Prediction Project. Her latest escapade was to walk out of a radio debate because she felt that she was being picked on. This is the same MP who told Newfoundlanders that the Coast Guard shouldn’t be expected to rescue people lost at sea!! I want to believe that she will lose but that would really be too good to be true.

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