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April 25, 2011 / mike54martin

One Week to Go

There’s one week to go in the Election and the Conservatives are still trying to lie, beg and cajole their way to a Majority. And they are very close. But if everyone who believes in a progressive, democratic and fairCanadadoes our part we can prevent that from happening. Then the hard work of rebuilding our democracy begins. This election will still be won or lost based on thirty or so ridings across the country. If you live in one of these ridings please support the progressive candidate who has the best chance of beating the Tories.

Most of the polling numbers I quote come from which utilizes a combination of all polls and changes very slowly. This might not reflect the day to day reality on the ground but does give a rolling snapshot and can capture the major trends which for the NDP are very positive.

For the NDP there are some exciting things happening. Here are some of the races that have yet to be decided but things are very interesting.

Close NDP held ridings


Kennedy Stewart is still trailing the Conservative candidate by less than 3 percentage points.


MP Don Davies is moving in a positive direction, now just behind the Conservative by 2 percentage points

Sault Ste Marie

MP Tony Martin is now projected to be a point or two ahead in the Soo.


MP Malcolm Allen is in a neck and neck race with the Tories to retain this seat and is only 1 point back.

Western Arctic

MP Dennis Bevington is in another close race ahead of the Conservative by 2 points

Possible NDP Pick Ups


NDP candidate Nycole Turmel, keeps moving up on the Liberal incumbent and now less than only 5 points behind.

Jeanne-Le Ber

NDP candidate Tyrone Benskin is now just 1 point behind the Bloc incumbent.

South Shore-St. Margaret’s

NDP candidate Gordon Earle is solidly in second place just 8 points behind the incumbent Conservative.

St. John’sSouth-Mt.Pearl

The Liberal incumbent is still ahead but NDP candidate Ryan Cleary is in second place, about 8 points behind.


NDP candidate Norris Barens is just 5 points behind the Conservative incumbent.

VancouverIsland North

NDP candidate Ronna-Rae Leonard, is 7 points behind Conservative John Duncan.


NDP candidate Nettie Wiebe is 10 points back of the incumbent Conservative.


NDP candidate Peggy Nash is still battling back and is now 12 points behind Gerard Kennedy.


This race is turning into a three way split with Conservative MP and Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq at 36%, the Libs at 29% and NDP candidate Jack Hicks at 28%.

Other Quebec ridings to keep an eye on:

Drummond: NDP candidate François Choquette is just 7 points behind the Bloc incumbent.

Pontiac: NDP candidate Mathieu Ravignat is just 6 points behind Conservative MP and cabinet minister Lawrence Cannon.

Westmount-Ville Marie: NDP candidate Joanne Corbeil is just 5 points behind the Liberal incumbent.

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