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May 27, 2011 / mike54martin

NDP to Raise Corporate Taxes in Ontario

The Ontario New Democrats have made corporate taxes a key campaign theme for the fall Provincial Election. Good. The McGuinty Liberals are following Stephen Harper’s lead and further reducing the taxes that corporations pay in Ontario and Tim Hudak’s PC’s would really like to get rid of all corporate taxes and stick the rest of us with the bill, not to mention kicking the s**t out of the public sector and making prisoners work the chain gang.

That leaves the NDP as the only real choice that progressive and dare I say it “liberal” voters have in this election. The NDP leader Andrea Horwath is also making a smart move to delineate small from big business and while raising big corporation’s taxes to 14% from 10%, she would leave small business and the manufacturing sector at the current rates.

I also like how she plans to spend the recouped revenue: by cutting the HST from heating and hydro bills. The NDP was the first out with a plan to help families by promising to cut electricity costs through a reduction of the HST and now she is showing how the NDP could pay for it. Smart!!

There will be the usual caterwauling from the big business lobby and the Sun media evil empire but it’s hard to knock a plan that would do so much for so many while hurting so few. It’s going to be a fun summer inOntario. If it ever stops raining!!

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