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May 31, 2011 / mike54martin

He Doesn’t Speak for Me

Reports out of Europe and Israel say that Stephen Harper blocked Obama’s call for peace between Israel and the Palestinians based on the 1967 borders. Israeli media also reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Stephen Harper to ask him to do it.

Both European and Israeli media have been hounding Harper for a reply but the Canadian media seems to have already moved on. Harper refused to answer questions about it while visiting Greece but his spokesperson is quoted as saying that Harper did not discuss the G8 meetings with Netanyahu. Case closed, as far as they are concerned.

This whole thing comes as a backdrop for the greatest hope for peace in the Middle East in decades but instead of supporting Obama’s peace initiative Harper crapped all over. Both American and European diplomats are pissed and they have been quoted as saying that Harper insisted any reference toIsrael’s old borders be dropped.

Harper does not even deny this but mumbled something about the fact that Canada’s policy hasn’t changed.

Here’s what his spokesperson said:

“The PM’s views are long-standing and well-known on theMiddle Eastprocess toward a two state solution,” according to Dmitri Soudas. “Canadian policy on these issues is long-standing. It’s important that any statement on the Middle Eastalways have balanced references to the various positions and the G8 statement is a balanced statement.”

Excuse me, but what exactly is Canadian policy? I think I know what Harper’s policy is but that is not long-standing nor is it balanced. If you want to send a note to Harper with your thoughts here is his e-mail:

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