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June 16, 2011 / mike54martin

Which Side Are You On?

One of the few good things the Conservatives will do is to finally get people to get off the fence to declare which side they are on. Their first acts in this new Parliament show that they will not be afraid to show their true-blue right wing credentials and what better targets than the workers at Air Canada and Canada Post. 

In cahoots with management they have declared themselves to be on the side of big corporations and against working people.  That’s not a great surprise but the swiftness of their actions show that they know they have a majority and are not afraid to use it to support their friends and their interests.

Their allies in the media are already out there building support for these actions. Like Margaret Wente in the Globe earlier this week who said that in her view we would all be better off it we just got rid of those pesky unions and especially if we could get rid of their pensions along with them. What I don’t understand exactly is who that “we” is any more. I guess it’s more like the royal “we”: Harper and the Conservatives along with the big corps and their friendly media toadies.  Not much new there except that the movie we have been watching is now in high definition. It will be easier to see whose side people are on.

It now looks like the CAW has reached a deal with AirCanadathat will allow that corporation to reduce wages and gut the pension benefits for new employees. That leaves only CUPW and postal workers in the Conservative’s line of fire. That will make them and the Sun (Fox North) News network very happy. Watch for even more use of the “dangerous and reckless” words over the next few days. It seems to be the Harper’s new mantra. But also watch CUPW and the posties. They may still have a few tricks up their sleeves and are to some people’s surprise actually winning a fair amount of public support, even with the demonizing that is going on in the media.

That’s where the rest of “us’ come in. CUPW will need active voices speaking out on their issues. They will need people like you and me who care about what kind of jobs our kids might have and whether or not both of us will ever be able to retire to stand with them. It’s time to show which side you’re on.

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