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June 17, 2011 / mike54martin

I Support Postal Workers

Here is my letter to editor sent to the Ottawa Citizen today. They may not print it but I want to show my support.

Dear Editor

I am writing about the labour situation at Canada Post. I have owned and operated a small business for the last ten years. I rely on the mail for my billing and payments. I support the postal workers in this dispute for a number of reasons.

I believe that postal workers are fighting not just for themselves but for the rest of us, and more importantly, our children. If Canada Post and the Federal Government can break this union then I think it will be bad news for everyone except the very rich in Canada.

Do we really want a future where our children make less money than we did? Do we really want a future where nobody but bank presidents and ex-CEO’s of AirCanadacan afford to retire?

I want my mail back but I also want a better future for my children. That’s why I am supporting the postal workers.

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