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May 15, 2012 / mike54martin

New Levels of Mean

There is a level of meanness amongst the Federal Conservatives in Canada that is stunning in its depth, breath and vindictiveness. I do not have the space to catalogue all of their sins in this regard but let me point out a few. One of the first was KAIROS, a churchy not for profit that was engaged in humanitarian work in some of the poorest regions of the world. Their crime was to have some internal discussions about the political direction of foreign aid. As a result their funding was cut.

This was followed by a parade of internal watchdogs and whistleblowers ranging from the head of the Nuclear Safety Commission to the Chief Statistician to diplomat Richard Colvin, who blew the whistle on Afghan prisoner abuse. All of them are gone. Now we hear that the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy was shut down because it didn’t like the advice it was getting on addressing climate change, including the idea of introducing carbon taxes.

First the Environment Minister said that the reason for the closure was because such research can now be easily accessed through the Internet, and through universities and other think tanks. But Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird gave the real reason on Monday in the House of Commons. Here’s what CBC reported:

“Why should taxpayers have to pay for more than 10 reports promoting a carbon tax, something that the people ofCanadahave repeatedly rejected? That is a message the Liberal Party just will not accept,” Baird said in response to a question by Liberal Leader Bob Rae during question period.

“It should agree with Canadians. It should agree with the government. No discussion of a carbon tax that would kill and hurt Canadian families.”

There you have it. No discussion, no debate, no funding,

Mean, mean bastards!!

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