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May 17, 2012 / mike54martin

Get a Job You Lazy Bums

The Finance Minister of this country, Jim Flaherty, has just told all Canadians who happen to be out of work that they are lazy bums and that they should take any job that’s available. He said that every job is a good job and that he remembers driving a taxi and refereeing hockey games when he was going to Osgoode Law School so why can’t unemployed Canadians follow his lead?

His counterparts in Cabinet like Diane Finley, the Minister of Human Resource and Skills Development says that unemployed Canadians need a “nudge” aka a kick in the ass to get off the dole and back to work. His boss the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper who once accused all Atlantic Canadians, and not just the unemployed ones of being lazy and having a “culture of dependence stands smiling at his Minister’s handiwork.

All of this comes as commentary to parts of a 425 omnibus Budget Bill that’s currently before Parliament and as a backstory we know learn that the Conservatives have been studying ways to force Canadians to leave their homes and relocate to Alberta and Saskatchewan where there are lots of jobs in both construction and the lower paid retail sector. They even had focus groups in places like Rouyn-Noranda, Que., Corner Brook, Nfld., Miramichi, N.B., andYarmouth, test out the idea.

What this is really about is what some have called a low wage strategy for Canada. Get people off EI and force them to take low paying jobs, part-time jobs or two or three shitty jobs to make ends meet. Bring in temporary foreign workers by the planeload, not just to work in the tar sands as highly skilled workers, but in the retail and hospitality sector. Make Canadians move to where the jobs are, whether or not there is housing or schools or social supports. Have the better off parts of the country blame the areas with high unemployment. Divide, blame and conquer. That’s the Conservative plan for Canada.

 I was born in Newfoundlandand left at 18 to work inToronto. I was certainly not alone and this story repeats itself every day in Atlantic Canada. Go the airport in St.John’s and watch the planeloads of workers, young and old who are flying directly to Fort McMurray. Go to Charlottetown or Halifax or St. John,New Brunswick and see the same scene. Watch as the spouse and children of the workers cry as their partners leave for their next assignment.  Then call them lazy bums.

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